The Banff Canmore Foundation (BCF), an organization deeply rooted in fostering community development and philanthropy, launched a new three-year Strategic Plan. Recognizing the need to amplify and evolve their presence, BCCF embarked on a journey to refresh their brand and develop a new website that would effectively communicate their mission and engage more people in their cause.
The primary challenge was to create a website that not only aligned with BCF's new strategic direction, but also resonated with the community's spirit. BCF wanted a platform that reflected the power and symbolism of the Bow River, a natural element deeply connected to the region and its people. The website needed to be more than just a digital space; it had to be a virtual embodiment of BCF's values and vision.
The Approach
Our design studio was entrusted with the task of bringing this vision to life. We focused on the following key areas:
Brand Continuity: Ensuring that the new website accurately reflected the new brand's look and feel. This included a cohesive color scheme, typography, and other visual elements that align with the brand's refreshed identity.
Content Management: Developing a content strategy that effectively communicated BCF's goals, projects, and community impact. The content was crafted to be engaging, informative, and reflective of the foundation's core values.
Creative Direction: Establishing a creative direction for the website that paid homage to the Bow River's symbolic significance. This meant selecting imagery and design elements that evoked the river's dynamism and its role in the community.
Website Layout and Functionality: Designing a user-friendly layout with intuitive navigation. We prioritized ease of access to key information, optimizing the user experience for various stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, and community members.
Reinforcing BCF’s New Brand: Strengthening the brand's presence online by integrating storytelling elements that highlight the foundation's work and impact in the Bow Valley.
Aesthetic Alignment: Carefully selecting visuals and graphics that not only align with BCF's brand guidelines but also evoke a sense of community, trust, and compassion. The aim was to enhance the emotional connection with visitors, drawing them deeper into the foundation’s narrative.
The launch of the new BCCF website marked a significant milestone in the foundation’s strategic plan. The website successfully:
Captured the essence of the Bow River, using it as a central theme to weave together the foundation’s story.
Improved user engagement through a well-structured layout and compelling content.
Enhanced the foundation’s online presence, aligning it with its new strategic direction and brand identity.
Fostered an emotional connection with visitors, elevating awareness and participation in BCCF’s initiatives.
This project underscored the power of thoughtful design in amplifying a non-profit organization's mission. Through a collaborative approach and a deep understanding of BCF's vision, our studio was able to deliver a website that not only serves as a digital platform but also as a beacon of community engagement and inspiration in the Bow Valley.
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