Mountain Lab Gear, rooted in the rugged terrains of the Canadian Rocky Mountains, specializes in crafting high-quality, durable products tailored for outdoor recreation enthusiasts. This project involved the development of a refreshed brand identity, one that resonates deeply with the brand's core audience of outdoor and Powersports aficionados.
In this initiative, I led the conceptualization and execution of a clean, distinct brand aesthetic that stands out, particularly in product packaging, and effectively communicates the brand's deep connection to its mountain origins. I developed comprehensive brand guidelines for the marketing team to rely on, ensuring consistency and coherence across all visual and marketing materials.
I created guidelines and design assets for all packaging materials, bringing a blend of functionality and visual appeal to the forefront. My role also extended to overseeing the visual assets supportying Mountain Lab's advertising strategies, crafting campaigns that echoed the spirit of adventure and resilience synonymous with Mountain Lab Gear.
A key component of this branding project was developing consistent packaging treatments for all new products ans creating templates for the marketing team to reply on, art directing product photoshoots. These shoots were meticulously planned and executed to capture the essence of the products in their natural element, further solidifying the brand's image as a staple in the outdoor recreation community.
Mountain Lab Gear has successfully reinforced its position as a purveyor of quality, durability, and adventure in the outdoor and Powersports markets with the help of consistent branding materials.
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